Cruising For Adults: Looking for a Kid Free Vacation!

Looking for a kid free cruise?

Here is a couple of options that cater to Adults Only! 


We all will have many stages in our lives where we just want to be with a bunch of similar aged, fun seeking people. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and grand kids, BUT there are times where I just want to avoid all the "Kids" based who ha! Especially when on vacation! There is a time and place for waterslides, kids clubs, arcade games, onboard roller coasters, and the sounds of screaming children. I also know there are some younger adults that are looking for a more "Adult Themed" cruising experience but do NOT want to hang with a bunch of older folks like me, LOL! Of course their are some cruise lines like Holland America, Celebrity, and Regent Seven Seas that are more adult focused, but they still allow children on the ships. Below you will find information on two very different "Adults Only" cruise lines for you to consider where the minimum age allowed onboard is 18. Each one will have its niche for those looking to avoid the pitter patter (and screams) of the little ones!


For those who are young or young at heart adults looking for a fun, party type of atmosphere with the freedom to be "you", Check out Virgin Voyages Line! This line is aimed at the adventure seeking couples and select singles that are sick of getting nickeled and dimed on other cruise lines. Virgin includes ALL food onboard, gratuities, WIFI, and even fitness classes in its fare! You also have a couple different options for drink packages if you choose to partake, but they are at an added cost. With many different bars and "clubs" on board, you will always have something going on to fit most tastes! Reviews of the food on board are usually very high as they include a lot of high end dishes, specialty restaurants, and they have replaced the traditional "lido buffet" that most lines have with a "Food Court" type setup with various different options. The entertainment is of course much more adult themed, or rather "Risque" as well since they only allow guests that are 18 or older on board. Although they do offer inside and ocean view cabins, the most popular staterooms are their balcony cabins that all have a signature red hammock to help you relax on those sunny sea days!  They also offer several different classes of suites for those "rockstars" looking for a more "fancy" accommodation. Of course these ships all have a pretty awesome casino for those of you who like to tempt the fates.

Although you will find a mix of age groups on Virgin from the early 20's to the early 80's, most of the passengers will fit into the younger, non-retired side as that is who they target with most of their marketing dollars. I would not suggest this line to laid back retirees who like peace and quit for sure, but if you are more active fun seeker who likes to hit the disco, this one is for you! All four of their ships are pretty much the same layout, with a maximum number of guests in the 2700 range, and about 1700 staff members giving them a nearly 2 to 1 guest to staff ratio. And since the oldest ship in the fleet was built in 2021, they are all super modern as well! Unlike some of the MEGA ships out there, you will not get too lost in the crowd for sure.

Virgin offers some really great itineraries as well, including the highly popular Caribbean, Europe, Australia, and Transatlantic crossings. As they grow, I am sure they will be offering many more ports of call as well. Most of their sailings lengths are in the 4 to 8 night range except the transatlantic runs which are 14 days. Having the shorter 4-5 day options make it really easy for people who are not sure they will like this type of cruise to try it out without feeling like they are making a commitment of a full week. 

At first glance, Virgin Voyages will seem a little more expensive than some of the other "mass market" cruise lines, BUT you really need to put a pencil on what is included in your fare compared to the others. Free Wifi, All dining is included so no upsell specialty dining, gratuities are included, fitness classes are included, plus a much more adult themed experience with much less people on board. Add to that the service level you receive, and the many awards and accolades Virgin has received from industry publications and its own guests, you really need to check them out for yourself! If that sounds like a cruise experience that was made for you, make sure it ring me up so I can get you booked!


Viking Ocean Cruises is another "Adults Only" cruise line, but it is much more subdued than Virgin for sure. As a matter of fact, it has very little in common except for the minimum age allowed onboard is eighteen and some of the things that are included in your fare. Viking started out back in the 90's offering "River Cruises" in Europe, and todays in the largest and most highly rated line in that business. River ships are much different than most ocean ships as they are much smaller only holding about 70-80 guests, are more destination focused, and have very limited entertainment and services. Since the beginning though, Viking has stood out as offering the BEST river cruises have to offer. Amazing food, service, destinations, itinerary choices, and number of ships sets Viking apart from the competition on rivers for sure! For several years now Viking has been rated number one for river AND ocean cruises in Conde' Nast Traveler magazine and other industry publications!  

In 2014 Viking decided they wanted to enter the ocean cruising market as they saw a niche that was not being filled. The many years in river cruising made Viking experts at giving their target market what they wanted. A highly refined, destination focused, less formal, all inclusive travel experience with no kids and other distractions. Like Virgin, Viking includes all meals and speciality dining in the fare. They also include beer and wine with both lunch and dinner! Another thing that makes them different is they are one of the ONLY cruise companies that I know of that will allow you to bring your own adult beverages onboard. Viking also includes at least one shore excursion at very port, something they also do on their river cruises. Viking calls themselves "The Thinking Persons" cruise company, as they are focused on educating their guests on the culture and history of the ports they call on. Another thing that sets them apart from all other lines is the lack of a casino, bingo games, constant upselling, servers pushing drinks of the day, waterslides, zip lines, or much of the other stuff you see on the mega ships.

Viking focuses on art, history, fine food, and a much more relaxed atmosphere than most other lines. Like Virgin, all of Vikings nine ocean ships are pretty much identical to each other. They are however, much smaller as they only hold 930 cruisers and have an almost 2 to 1 guest to staff ratio. This gives them a very highly rated service level that their loyal fan base loves! Besides that, all of their cabins have "verandas" or balconies as their is no inside or just ocean view options. All ships include a large pool with retractable roof, a smaller infinity pool at the rear of the ship, several hot tubs, a sports court, and a nordic thermal spa that is also included in the fare! They do have several bars, a jazz type night club, a theater for shows and lectures, a full library, and two specialty dining options. The average Viking cruiser is a little different than most, as they tend to be in the 50-70 age range, highly educated, and like a more high end travel experience with lots of value added. Like Virgin, when you first look at the fares on Viking ocean, you will get a little shocked as they are higher than a mega ship. BUT, just like I said with Virgin, you really need to check out what you are getting for your money. There is a much more value focused mentality with Viking in all of their cruise offerings but value does not mean cheap for sure.

As far as itineraries go, Viking has so many to choose from! Actually, they cover all 7 continents as they also have an expedition line that goes to Antartica. The length of their average cruise is 12-18 days, and they also offer up full and partial world cruise options. This is another testament to Vikings focus on the "Destination", as they are constantly looking to explore not just the major tourist centers of the world, but also more intimate and smaller ports of call that offer more chances to expand your knowledge of the world we live in and the people in it. 

If you are interested in learning more or booking your next cruise with one of these providers, please call or email so I can help you plan an amazing trip and get you the BEST deal!